From your home, you will hear fascinating stories about Mycenae's construction by one-eyed giants and the legendary founding of the city. You will learn about many aspects of the daily life, fashion, eating habits and funeral customs of this fascinating civilization. You will see the huge beehive tomb believed to be the burial place of King Agamemnon once, and you will learn that the king was killed by the vengeful queen, the notorious Clytemnestra!

The virtual tour consists of audio narration, real images, satellite and street views of the monument and its surroundings. You can move forward and backward in the most iconic spots, turn in any direction and see what you will see as if you were really there.

You will learn important historical facts, discover unknown stories and listen to interesting stories of ancient times and surprise your family and friends. This is an unmissable opportunity to experience the splendor of Classical Athens and to relate to your surroundings in a completely authentic way.


  • English


  • Virtual tour to Mycenae
  • Audio narration
  • Real images
  • Satellite and street views of the palace and the surroundings
  • Engaging original stories in English

Not Included

  • Live Guide
  • Headphones
  • Offline access
  • Transportation