Uzungol (English: Long Lake) is lake situated to sotuh of the city of Trabzon, in the Caykara district of Trabzon Province, Turkey. Uzungol is also the name of the village on the lake's coast. Over the years, the picturesque lake, its village and the surrounding valley have become popular tourist attractions. The lake is at distance of 99 km from Trabzon's city center, and 19 km from Caykara's district center. Itwas formed by a landslide, which transformed the stream bed into a natural dam, in the valley of Haldizen Stream.

The area is most famous for its natural beauty. Located in a valley between high rising mountains the lake and village at first appears inaccessible. The surrounding greenery of the mountain forests and fog occasionally enveloping the lake at night, also add the scenery.

The tourist boom of the recent years has attracted inverstors, who opened a number of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops in the village. The transport infrastructure has also been greatly improved. In 2008, the goverment built a concrete barrier along the lake's shoreline, so that its waves would not wet the coastal roads around it. This has triggered protests by the locals, as well as ecologists concerned with environmental damage, who stated that it has turned the lake into a giant artificial pool.

Tour Programme;

Pick up from your hotel inIstanbul and transfer to the Airport flight to Trabzon. After arriving at Trabzon Airport, our trip will start with

- Visiting the knife artisans in Surmene

- Visiting a tea factory in Of and the joy of tea

- Visiting an horse farm in Cankaya

- Arrival in Uzungol

- Sightseeing around the artificial waterfalls and photography from the hill

- Lunch

- Free time

Meeting and departure for Trabzon transfer to Trabzon airport. Flight from Trabzon to Istanbul. Arrive in Istanbul and transfer to your hotel ın Istanbul